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Safer, Cleaner, More Efficient: Mirage Revamps Hot Tapping Machine Range

Updated MHT hot tapping machine range

After several months of consultation between our engineering team, customers and sales team we are pleased to announce a new and updated range of MHT hot tapping machines.

We've listened to our customers and updated the range to be better suited to their needs. The updates build upon the existing Mirage hot tapping machine design & operational features and deliver industry standard performance for pressure up to 1480psi and temperatures up to 200°c.

A key feature of the MHT machines is that through a revision to the gearbox arrangement, the primary sealing element is at the front of the machine. This reduces the exposure of the machine to line product, greatly reducing maintenance demands as well as reducing health and safety risks, as the majority of the machine maintains an ambient temperature.

Our range of MHT machines now feature as standard:

  • A new front mounted drive gearbox which delivers improved torque and control at the cutter
  • A new single, fixed speed feed with the option of a four speed gearbox to accommodate varying material applications if necessary
  • Measuring rod providing familiarity to hot tapping technicians and facility to deploy setting plugs
  • An industry standard tooling & equipment interface

Richard Silk, Managing Director at Mirage, said "We are delighted with the design and capability of the new MHT range. We've listened to the needs of our customers throughout our development process and are confident that we have built a machine that meets those requirements and the industry standards. Our technical design team are constantly finding innovative new ways to solve the challenges that our customers face and we're excited about taking our new MHT range to the market."

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