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Mirage Subsea machine tool and ROV tooling range

Subea Machine Tool & ROV Tooling Buyers Guide

Mirage Subsea, our specialist subsea machine tool and ROV tool arm based in Houston, has recently released a Subsea tooling buyers guide featuring the range of subsea tools we are currently offering.

Torque Limiter

The Mirage Subsea ROV Operable Torque Limiting Tool is a modular, seal free device with a compliant drive designed for manipulator deployment and operation. The torque limiter ensures the safe operations of all low torque interfaces when the output torque of a given manipulator or torque tool cannot be assured.

Camera Slider

Mirage’s Camera Slider is a robust assembly that attaches to and uses the ROV’s hydraulics to extend the ROV Camera in and out which greatly assists difficult ROV operations by affording the ROV Pilot a clearer view of the operation. The Mirage Camera Slider unit has a 11.5” strok / extension and is suitable for virtually all Pan and Tilt camera units.

Adjustable Rigid Flot Bracket

With the technology on current ROVs and their thrusters, hydraulically powered actuators on flying lead orientation tools are no longer necessary to make a proper connection. Mirage’s Adjustable Rigid Flot Bracket cuts out the weight and price associated with old

Flying Lead Orientation Tool Brackets. The Mirage FLOT Bracket is adjusted to the desired distance from the ROV and attached underneath to provide a means of mounting class 1-4 docking torque tools.

Remote Hydraulic Connector

The ROV market is experiencing several problems with current “zero leak” hot stab connectors when connecting and disconnecting them at depth.

Mirage Subsea’s new Remote Hydraulic Connector removes the risk of operational failure under pressure by eliminating the use of locking balls to secure the connection. While alignment is crucial for, Mirage’s RHC is designed for an automatic hydraulic connection, making alignment and connection easier on the ROV operator than conventional connectors.

Download the subsea machine tool and ROV tooling buyers guide

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