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Machine tool rental from Mirage Subsea

Mirage Subsea works with operators and contractors worldwide to meet their needs for maintenance, repair and decommissioning projects involving both divers and remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs).

As well as providing specialized subsea tooling and cutting solutions for the offshore oil and gas industry, Mirage Subsea offers a range of rental products for a diverse range of applications, which provide a fast, cost-effective solution – just when you need it most.

Why Rental?

For short term, tight turnaround projects, portable machine tool rental offers flexibility and affordability for a wide range of applications. If the machine is required for a one-time only application, rental is another way of overcoming costly storage facilities.

In stock now and available for immediate dispatch:

Diamond Wire Saws


Designed for underwater cutting on multistring casings, piles, platform legs and wellheads, our MDWS range is ideal for quickly cutting through different materials and resisting compressive forces.

Capabilities include:

  • 6 - 60” diameter cutting capability carried in Houston
  • Auto clamp and auto feed
  • Diver and ROV compatible
  • Complete solution and technical support
  • Deep water capability

Download the subsea machine tool and ROV tooling buyers guide

Band Saws


Mirage's portable band saws can be used for all tubular severance including cutting conductors, caissons and multiple grouted strings of various sizes in either surface or subsea applications. They provide a cost effective solution to cold cutting requirements on surface or subsea.

Free download: Pipe and Casing cutting on-site machining buyer guide

Portable Drills


We have drilling capability to 5” diameter with the HT50 and portable tapping capability up to 7.25” with our heavy duty T725. Applications include:

  • Flange stud re-threading / drilling
  • Short stroke line boring
  • Armour plate drilling
  • Casing pinning

Download the Mirage Machines Drilling and Tapping Machine Buyers Guide

Flange Facing machines


Mirage's range of internal and external mounting flange facing machines combines innovative design, with the latest technology, to reduce machining time and increase accuracy.

We carry the full range in our Houston office, with 0 – 120” cutting capability, for applications including:

  • Raised face flanges
  • Heat exchanger repairs
  • RTJ grooves (patented 360 degree tool post)
  • Weld preps
  • And more…

Download the Flange Facing Machine Buyers Guide

Please contact our sales team to find out more about rental at sales@miragesubsea.com.

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