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Longitudinal pipe cutting for nuclear decommissioning


Mirage recently supplied a Milling Rail (MR1500) to German company TechnoPipe GmbH as part of a pipe-cutting requirement for a client working on nuclear power plant project.

The problem involved the execution of a number of longitudinal pipe cuts on a range of pipes with a maximum diameter of 32”. Due to the hazardous nature of the environment, the use of abrasive or thermal methods was prohibitive so therefore only machining was an option.

To avoid radiation exposure, it was vital that there was minimal set up time of the machinery.

TechnoPipe’s solution was to position the Mirage MR1500 between two clamshell / split frame pipe cutting machines. This meant the clamshells/split-frames would function as means to execute the radial pipe cuts as well as fixtures to mount the rail mill and execute longitudinal cuts on opposing sides of the pipes.

After initial set-up, minimum interference was required.

Using this system, the project was completed on time and to the client’s and power plant’s satisfaction.

Patrick Fuss, Managing Director of TechnoPipe summarizes as follows: “Thanks to the on-time provision of Mirage’s MR1500; its easy-to-learn operation; machine performance and features; and last but not least their engineering team’s willingness to cooperate, we were able to provide a solution to a client in dire straits just in time - on short notice. A very pleasant experience.”

MR1500 Technical details


The MR1500 is a milling rail that is built for rigidity, yet is lightweight with a cast rail giving a 2 axis milling machine, ideal for all general purpose in-situ milling.

Used on heat exchangers, pump and motor pads, steel mill stands, ship building, turbine split lines and many more applications, the milling machine features:

  • Linear rails and guides - for accuracy and high load carrying capacity
  • Direct spindle drive which accepts standard tooling
  • Available with switch magnet base and optional auto feed gearbox and motor

The MR1500 also has a maximum stroke of 60" (1500mm), maximum cutter diameter of10" (250mm) and a maximum quill spindle down feed of 3.15" (80mm).

For more technical specifications on the MR1500 milling machine, click here.


Mirage also has a new range of split frame pipe cutters – MSF – that are able to cut a maximum pipe diameter of 48" across all materials, including super duplex.

For more technical information on these products, you can download the free Pipe and Casing Cutting Buyers Guide here.

The MSF features a heavy duty split frame design, adjustable preloaded bearing track, optional counter boring unit and can work on either an air or hydraulic drive.

Free download: Pipe and Casing cutting on-site machining buyer guide

Images courtesy of TechnoPipe

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