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Large capacity line boring


Some of the commonest applications for a portable line boring machine include the machining items such as hinge pins, gearboxes and drive shaft housings. However many machines have the capacity for boring much larger items of up to 80” diameter. This makes them suitable for use in industries such as shipbuilding (for stern tubes), steelworks (for the rolling mill drive gearbox) and power stations (on feed pumps).

The video example above shows the Mirage LB150 line boring machine fitted with a large boring arm for machining diameters from 48” to 80”. 

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More about the LB150 Line Boring Machine

  • Although our workshop test shown here covered just a short feed distance, boring bars for the LB150 are available for larger projects in lengths of up to 296”
  • The machine’s helical drive can be powered either pneumatically or hydraulically and the feed rate be controlled either by hand at 2mm per revolution, or automatically at up to 51mm per minute.
  • Other standout features of the LB150 include the hollow boring bar, which reduces the weight and assists laser alignment, plus the integrated spherical self-aligning bearings.
  • Fine surface finish is achieved with a feed rate of 0.1mm per revolution

To find out more, download our Line Boring Buyers Guide today, or if you have a potential project needing this product right now  please click here to get in touch.

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