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Is this the best pipe cutting machine for subsea wellhead projects?


As the requirement for better pipe cutting machine technology increases from those completing riser assemblies, caisson assemblies and subsea wellhead projects, it is the responsibility of portable machine experts to find the solution.

Mirage Machines has worked on and introduced their new MSF – a split frame pipe cutting machine dedicated to significantly improving the efficiency of pipecutting operations on infrastructure composed of heat-resistant, stainless steel and super duplex metals.

As well as improved efficiency, the new self-squaring capability of the MSF also reduces the risk of installation error during operations and has a much quicker set-up process – maximising the operational run time of your applications. Here’s a more detailed look at the pipe cutting machine…

Top features

The low clearance machine has been designed for cutting and bevelling pipe efficiently. The slim line tool has an adjustable combination cutting tool slides which are included as standard. Available with an air or hydraulic motor drive, the MSF can also perform on hastelloy and incolloy as well as the aforementioned stainless steel and super duplex.

The complete package

To ensure the MSF works as accurately and efficiently as possible, Mirage supplies a range of additional tooling to complete the package. This includes:

  •          1 off split half driver ring, gearbox and motor
  •          2 off combination tool sides for cutting and bevelling
  •          Striker feed unit with adjustable cut feature with integral clamping unit and spacers
  •          Toolkit including air filter lubricator and hose connection
  •          Storage, shipping, CE certificate, packing list and manual

To view the full technical specifications for the whole range, including other accessories for your bespoke applications, take a look at our free Pipe and Casing Cutting Buyer’s Guide here.

An industry step-change machine

Speaking about the new pipe cutting machine, Mirage Managing Director, Richard Silk, described the innovation as a “step change” within the industry.

"The pipecutting marketplace is a significant slice of the portable machine tool supply chain, yet until now the technology has not moved forward. The majority of machines in use have been based on an operational design which hasn't evolved in 30 years.”

"We designed the MSF to bring about the step change the industry needs – reducing the weight of the machine while improving its technical capability, giving operators and service companies a more reliable, durable pipecutting tool which delivers excellent accuracy, without interruption, at any scale.”

The MSF is already proving popular with operators and engineers as the product is shipped around the world to new projects and applications. Clearly the industry are seeing the benefit of the machine already, including those working on subsea wellhead projects.

Free download: Pipe and Casing cutting on-site machining buyer guide

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