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Insight for field machinists: How a steam turbine works


 Most of you reading this article be technically minded enough to know that a thermal power station works by converting heat energy into electric power. The basic process is easy enough to grasp - Water is heated to create steam, Steam powers the turbine, the turbine drives an electrical generator. Seems simple enough, what else is there to know?  - Well there’s more going on than you might think. 

The video shown here, (created by Learn Engineering) does a fantastic job explaining each stage of the power generation process in a clear and concise way. Take a look and see what you think. 

From a machining perspective, you’ll notice there’s lots going on as regards pipework and rotating components which means plenty of potential for in-situ machining work. 

Important maintenance and construction projects such as these can be carried out using portable machine tools, with the commonest examples being

  • Flange Facing machines – for ensuring joint integrity
  • Line Boring Machines – for turbine casing alignment work
  • Clamshells Cutters - for pipe cutting and weld preparation
  • 3-axis Milling Machines – for levelling moto pump pads
  • Hot Tapping Machines – for adding extra pipe sections
  • Drills & Pin Drills – for flange stud removal and turbine blade removal

If you’ve got project in mind click here to get in touch with your regional Mirage technical sales representative who will advise you on machine selection.

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