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Insight for line boring machinists: How a steam turbine works

Posted by Alan Hillier on Oct 25, 2017 9:00:00 AM



If you have used of any of the larger line boring machines we manufacture, there's a strong possibility that refurbishing steam turbines at power plants is something you've been involved in.

To do this type of work successfully, understanding the principles of steam turbine design is a good place to start. That's why we are sharing the above video created by 'Learn Engineering' which does a great job of explaining how a steam turbine works.

If you've got 5 minutes to watch the video, you'll get a good understanding what's goes on in inside a steam tubine, but if you're pushed for time, a very basic summary is as follows:

  • Heat is used to create steam, which enters the turbine
  • Like an airplane wing, the profile of the turbine blades creates 'lift' 
  • The lift rotates the turbine which converts steam flow energy into rotational energy
  • As the pressure decreases, more volume is needed, (explaining the 'v' shape to accommodate longer turbine blades)
  • In a reaction turbine, fixed blades, called 'stators' increase the velocity of the steam
  • The rotation of the turbine shaft  is attached to a generator which creates electricity.
  • The steam is cooled (e.g. by a cooling tower)

Turbine refurbishment: recommended resources

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2. Download the power generation case study pack

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Free download: Power Generation Case Study Pack


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