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Infographic: Shale Oil & Gas Extraction (Fracking)


This infographic is designed to help you understand the origins of shale and gas extraction (know also as 'fracking' or 'hydraulic fracturing'). Take a look to find out about it's origins, the process, how the U.S economy has benefitted, plus public concerns about the process.

Shale Oil & Gas Extraction (Fracking).


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Key takeaway points

  • Hydraulic fracturing has revolutionised oil and gas output in the United States.
  • A mix of water sand and chemical additives is pumped into the well bore to stimulate the release of the product..
  • The mix of fracking fluid is mostly water, but it also includes a small proportion of chemical additives. Some of the additives are highly toxic and need to be managed extremely carefully.
  • At the depths where fracking occurs the rock is impermeable. The distance is several thousand feed below ground level, which much lower than the levels containing ground water.
  • Useful websites covering arguments both for and against  the process include; http://shalegas-europe.eu/shale-gas-explained/the-process-of-shale-gas-development/     http://www.dangersoffracking.com/  

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