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Infographic: Reducing risks during nuclear decommissioning

Nuclear has become a major part of the UK's energy output, now equating to 19% of overall production. Supporting 62,000 jobs and home to 18 reactors on British shores, nuclear is a large yet growing sector in the UK.

As demand for nuclear grows, so too does the need to maintain strict safety standards for workers and the public.

Here's an infographic of how safety has developed over time in the nuclear sector:

nuclear_timeline View larger version

Nuclear Decommissioning

When it comes to tooling, companies require a partner with a solid reputation in the nuclear industry for solving problems within a technically demanding environment.

For nuclear decommissioning, we know its important to have automated applications to minimise on-site hazards as well as the ability to create bespoke tooling. Whatever gets the job done the safely in an efficient time is what we should all aim towards in nuclear.

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