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Infographic: Facts on talent competition in the oil and gas industry


An ongoing issue within the oil and gas industry is the lack of talent available in the short and long term for companies.

As an industry that requires highly-skilled individuals with an experienced background, the clock is ticking for the industry to plug the skills gap before a severe shortage appears. This, as you may know from experience, leads to talent poaching at in between businesses, but also at a lower educational level too.

This infographic by Mercer surveyed over 100 companies to find out how competing talent is affecting the oil and gas industry.

Oil and Gas talent infographic


Key findings

  • Companies are more inclined to 'buy' talent rather than 'build' talent from people out of college and university
  • Over 46% of staff employed came from other oil and gas industries
  • It can take up to 23 years for an employee to become a real expert in their field

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