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Infographic: Components of a portable drilling machine


The technology used in portable drilling machines is relatively straightforward. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take time to choose one carefully. If you understand how they’re built and what each component does, you’ll be in good shape to choose an appropriate machine that will give you many years of trouble free use across a diverse range of projects.

With this in mind, we’ve created an infographic guide to the Mirage HT50 drill, which is a heavy duty, high torque portable drilling machine used for general on-site metal drilling projects. Take a look at our infographic to discover how it works.

For a quick snapshot take a look the image below, or download in PDF format. Click here to download the diagram in PDF format.



Here is a summary of the main components

Drive motor: The hydraulic motor delivers an impressive 5 horsepower, but where hydraulic is not appropriate an air motor can be specified.

Feed: Choosing a machine that provides both manual and variable auto-feed is recommended. The HT50 has an auto feed of up to 32mm per minute and a manual feed of 2.5mm per revolution.

Stroke: How far the drill travels is dictated by the length of the lead screw and the hardened linear rails. The HT50 has a standard stroke of 16”, but this can be extended to 31.5” as an option.

Spindle: The ISO 50 spindle is included to allow the user to perform heavy duty drilling jobs that require higher torque. The spindle should also accept tooling options such as; Morse Taper Sleeves, Spade drills, Sara drills (with integral coolant delivery), Hollow Cutters and Boring Heads. The ISO 50 spindle on the HT50 allows drill diameters up to 5” to be used.

Mounting options: Choosing a machine that offers a variety of mounting methods will widen the scope of your future projects. Ensure your drilling machine incorporates the standard bolt holes method, plus the option of fitting switch magnets and a chain clamp.

The HT50 is the largest machine in the Mirage HT range. Smaller machines are the HT40 and HT20 which use a smaller spindle. The range can be viewed here.

Get the full specifications of the Mirage drilling and tapping range by downloading our buyers guides below and if you need help choosing equipment for an on-site machining project please get in touch.

Download the Mirage Machines Drilling and Tapping Machine Buyers Guide

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