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In-situ machining photo roundup - March 2017


Our featured photos this month include, flange facing, inspection, a diamond wire saw and hot tapping. Take look and share this page with any of your colleagues who may be interested. As always, you are also welcome to find out more about machine applications by downloading our case study packs.

machining compact flange.png

Re-facing a compact flange

The photo above shows the Mirage MM600e externally mounted flange facer used with a compact flange machining add-on module. The machine uses a different 'D' section as compared with the standard MM600e. The tool post moves along a carriage which is adjusted and set at the appropriate angle. You can find out more about compact flanges in our previous article Compact flanges: applications, benefits and machining kits. 



Component inspection

Before machines can be assembled, all components received undergo extensive checks,making sure they have been produced to the correct specification and are fit for purpose. This work is done independently from team members actually building the machines, ensuring an impartial inspection process is carried out.



Testing a Mirage Diamond Wire Saw

This photo shows a Mirage Diamond Wire Saw being tested topside at a customer's premises. The machine was clamped to a pre-prepared test piece with water used to cool the test piece. The saw is designed primarily for subsea use but can also be used with care on topside cutting jobs. if you are interested in finding out how diamond wire saws work we recommend you watch the video featured within this article.




Hot Tapping adaptor and cutter

When tapping into a pipeline, the cutting takes place out of sight,  so we thought you'd like to see what goes on inside the flange adaptor. Note the cutter and the pilot drill with integral coupn retainer wires.

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