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In-situ machining photo roundup - July to September 2017

Posted by Alan Hillier on Sep 27, 2017 3:27:07 PM



These featured photos include the 5 most popular in-situ machining images posted on our social media channels from July through to September. Machine types include; orbital milling, hot tapping, manipulator diamond wire saw, flange facing and a band saw.

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OM base build-997946-edited.jpg

Building an orbital milling machine

Just because a machine is portable it doesn't have to be small!  The photo above shows an OM6000 orbital milling machine under construction in the Mirage factory. This machine provides fast material removal with a high degree of flatness accuracy across 6m diameter. Applications include machining large crane pedestals, hydroelectric repairs and shipbuilding.


hot tapping-1.jpg

Hot tapping machine intstalled in-situ

The image from the USA, shows a Mirage hot tapping machine with adaptors and a sandwich valve.



Manipulator diamond wire saw

The above shows a Mirage manipulator diamond wire saw ready for pre-use function testing before shipping to a customer. The saw is smaller than other diamond wire saws in the Mirage line-up. Applications include; cutting of pipelines, casings, mooring chains and many other subsea structures.


dual flange facing.jpg

Dual flange facing

Is this the ultimate in flange facing efficiency?  Two Mirage flange facing machines working simultaneously!


test cut.jpg

Band saw test cut

Our Houston based team were asked to carry out a test cut using a Mirage Band Saw. Following the successful cut, the team were asked to develop a solution to use the saw for a subsea wellhead recovery project. You can read the full case study here.

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