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In-situ machining photo roundup - April to June 2017


This time, our featured photos include the most popular images posted on our social media channels from April through to June. Topics include subsea milling, creating an ASME flange suraface finish, hot tapping and pipe beveling.

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Removing a pipe seam weld with a milling rail.

 The photo above from Boskalis shows a Mirage 2 axis milling machine being used to remove a weld seam from a subsea pipe. There are a few different ways a milling machine can be mounted onto a job. For the above project a chain clamp was used.


MM305i-surface finish.png

Spiral serrated finish produced using a Mirage MM305i Flange Facing Machine

This video still above shows a close-up view of an ASME spirall serrated finish which was achieved using the internally mounted MM305i flange facer.



Hot Tapping Machine Build

Here's a shiny new hot tapping machine being built and almost ready for despatch.


bolt tightener3.png

Bolt Tightening

The above picture shows super-sized bolts being tightened just before a hot tapping cut on a purpose made test piece.



Pipe Bevelling

Clamshell pipe cutter used to bevel pipe for weld preparation. The MSF range of machines cover diameters from 2" up to 48" 

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