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In Focus: The MBS1360 Flange Bolt Saw


Whether you’re carrying out maintenance work or decommissioning projects in the oil and gas or petrochemicals sectors, at some point you may be faced with the challenge of seized flange bolts. By default, flange joints in the oil and gas sector need to be tight and secure, and over time can be stubborn and tricky to separate. Some engineers may be tempted to use hand held reciprocating saws, but these can be slow, inefficient and uncomfortable for the operator.

Drilling out the flange studs with a heavy duty portable drilling machine is one option, but there is an easier solution - the Mirage MBS1360 flange bolt saw.

This new product had been developed by enhancing an earlier bespoke machine created for one customer, into a versatile machine that can fit onto a wider range of flange diameters. This improved capacity is achieved by pivoting shackles attached to a ratchet strap, and by providing a cutting stroke of up to 150mm.

The machine works by inserting a 14” circular saw blade between the two flanges, which is manually fed until the bolt is cut. After each bolt is severed, the machine’s ratchet straps are loosened, allowing the unit to be rotated, and re-tightened in its new position.

The unit is powered by a 10kw (13.4hp) hydraulic motor fed by a hydraulic supply of 60 litres per minute. Four lifting points are included to aid handling and the machine can even be used in any the upside down orientation.

A summary of the specifications is shown below, but for if you need more detailed information please get in touch for more details.

flange-bolt cutting-saw-specifications


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