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In focus: OM8000 (138 - 315") Orbital Milling Machine


In this regular feature for the Mirage blog we'll be taking an in-depth look at a specific portable machine tool.This week we take a deeper look at the OM8000 (138 - 315") Orbital Milling Machine.


A unique new concept in flange facing, the OM8000 has the capacity to orbitally mill flanges.

Complete with high precision and load capacity drive bearing, twin high torque hydraulic drives, induction hardened 'V' rails, adjustable fast set clamping base and a radial milling feed, its easy to see why the OM8000 is our in focus product this week.

Technical specifications

The machine is supplied complete with a drive ring, drive motors and reduction gearboxes, split half support ring and facing feed gearbox.

A milling facing arm and 132mm column spindle together with a linear support bearing and mounting plate, internal chuck base assembly and jaw blocks with 8 off clamping jaws are also included.

Standard across the whole Mirage Machines range with each tooling is also a toolkit, including hose kit and centre distributor for the OM8000,  bolts, storage, CE certificate, packing list an manual.


  • Facing diameter: Min 3500mm (138"), Max 8000mm (315")
  • Clamping diameter: Min 3500mm (138"), Max 6985mm (275")


  • Rotational drive - twin hydraulic (5.0Hp): 7.4Kw (10.0Hp)
  • Milling spindle - hydraulic (standard): 3.7Kw (5.0Hp)
  • Rotation R.P.M (standard): Min 0, Max 5
  • Surface speeds @ max diameter: 0-1m/min (0-3.5ft/min)
  • Spindle R.P.M (standard): Min 25, Max 265
  • Spindle down feed: 85mm (3.5")
  • Hydraulic supply @ 1050 p.s.i (70 bar): 60 L/min (16 Gal/min)

Case study

orb-millA specialised services and engineering company in the Middle East required a large diameter orbital milling machine to undertake long reach/recess milling, single point flange facing, single point boring (across the machine range) including incremental drilling for the final manufacture and machining of offshore-to-ship product buoys.

Mirage Machines supplied a standard OM8000-H 8m diameter orbital milling machine with additional deep boring and milling capabilities, plus machine mounted drilling equipment - Mirage HT40 drilling and boring machine.


The incremental drilling had to incorporate a unique vernier protractor into the OM8000 with an accuracy/setting capability of 10 minutes of angle. The required range of the OM8000 was selected to complete the offshore buoy specifics plus expected large diameter machining service operations across the Middle East.

A proven flatness tolerance had to be carried out (Site Acceptance Test) within a representative test piece prior to authorisation to carry out the machining operations on the asset owner`s equipment. A flatness tolerance of 0.22mm was achieved at 5.0 metres diameter and accepted to proceed.

A Mirage engineer also provided specialist support for the commissioning, set-up and operation of the tooling, ensuring operators could maintain the machine’s accuracy during initial and final setting of the machine.

Download the Mirage Machines Orbital Milling Buyers Guide

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