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In focus: MR3000 (120" stroke) 3 Axis Milling Machine

In a new feature for the Mirage blog we'll be taking an in-depth look at a specific portable machine tool. This week we take a look at the MR3000, a lightweight portable milling machine that is ideal for general purpose in-situ milling.

MR3000 Milling Machine

Built to be lightweight and accurate - this 2 axis milling machine is incredibly flexibie and works on heat exchangers, pump and motor pads as well as steel mill stands, ship building, turbine split lines and many more applications.

It also features precision linear 'V' rails, ball screw feed, hand and auto feed to 'X' axis and direct drive ISO 40 spindle.

Other Technical Specs.



  • Main bed maximum stroke X: 3000m (120")
  • Cutting diameter maximum: 160mm (6.3")


  • Pneumatic @ 6 bar (90 p.s.i): 3.0 Hp (4.0 Kw)
  • Hydraulic: 3.7 Hp (5.0 Kw)
  • Hydraulic @ 70 bar (1050 p.s.i): 50 Lpm, 13 Gpm

Feed Rates

  • Hand feed: 10mm/rev (0.394/rev)
  • Auto feed standard motor supply: 0-83mm/min (0-3.25"/min)

Case Study

The MR3000 came into its own recently in Saudi Arabia when our client required the tool for vessel plate weld preparation. The linear milling machine was used to create a 37.5 degree weld prep and also j prep on plates up to 120mm thick and made of carbon steel.

Along with a swivel spindle, the client was able to quickly mount and align the machine and then fix to the plate using magnets. The machine cut the time from 26 hours originally, to just 4 hours - and removed all handling operations meaning the company complied with new QHSE legislation regarding hand grinding.

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