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In focus: MR1000 (40" stroke) 2 axis portable milling machine

In a new feature for the Mirage blog we'll be taking an in-depth look at a specific portable machine tool. This week we take a look at the MR1000, a lightweight portable milling machine that is ideal for general purpose in-situ milling.

MR1000 milling machine

The MR1000 portable milling machine is everything you would expect from a Mirage milling machine: rigid, lightweight yet precise.

Using a direct drive ISO 40 spindle, you can use standard tool for your milling operations. The machine can use both hand or auto feed across the 'x' axis and uses linear 'V' rails for absolute precision.

Applications that this milling rail can be used for are varied but insitu heat exchanger repair is often conducted using these machines as well as being used for steel mill stand, pump and motor pads, turbine split lines and more. We can even adapt them for subsea milling.

Workshop setup of subsea milling machine by Mirage Machines

Case study - subsea solutions

We were approached for a project for the Dunbar expansion project North Sea to find a solution to a subsea project.

We were tasked with removing a seam weld crown from a 30" pipeline for clamp installation and anode doubler plate removal for relocation at 90m depth.

It was specificed that cold cutting was required and the parent pipeline must not be cut into.

We set about creating a mock up within the workshop using the MR1000 with a chain pipe clamp system to hold the milling rail in place.

Having found a solution to that we believed worked, it was set out to site.

The outcome was a success. The 3pm length of weld seam was successfully milled in less that one hour and while the doubler plate was removed within three hours.

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MR1000 milling machine video


Correction: The original title for this blog post stated the MR1000 was a 20 axis milling machine. This was posted in error. The MR1000 is a 2-axis milling machine. Apologies for any confusion this might have caused.

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