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In focus: MM1080ie flange facing machine


In this regular feature for the Mirage blog we'll be taking an in-depth look at a specific portable machine tool.This week we take a deeper look at the MM1080ie flange facing machine.

MM1080ie (0 - 157")

A unique concept for flange facing, the Mirage machine can be used either mounted internally or externally. Orbital milling can also be added for efficient machining of larger flanges.

Featuring a high load precision drive bearing and the latest linear technology,the MM1080ie has proved to be durable and constantly accurate as well as completely unique.

Also including a quick set adjustable clamping jaw, swivel tool post for grooves and bevels, and a continuous groove geared facing a boring feeds, the flange facer can become a multi-use tool for any operator or engineer.

The machine also includes:

  • Induction hardened ‘V’ rails
  • Patented 360° powered tool post
  • Ball screw
  • 2 continuous groove facing / boring feeds
  • Adjustable fast set clamping jaws
  • Linear bearing with separate base
  • Orbital milling and extension arm options available

Technical specifications

The flange facing machine is supplied complete with the drive ring, motor and gearbox, as well as a facing feed/direction gearbox and reduction, facing arm and 360 deg swivel power feed tool post.

The internal/external separate mounting plates, jaw blocks and 8 clamping jaws (4 off with height adjusting mounts) also come as standard in the package.


  • External facing diameter (min/max): 0 - 1067mm (0 - 42")
  • Internal facing diameter (min/max): 1400 - 4000mm (55 - 157")
  • External mount clamping diameter (min/max): 305mm - 1067mm (12 - 42")
  • Internal mount clamping diameter (min/max): 1400 - 2800mm (55 - 110")


  • R.P.M (air 4.0hp or 5.0hp hydraulic): Min 5, Max 12
  • Tool post travel: 102mm (4")
  • Pneumatic drive @ 6 bar (90 p.s.i): 3.0kw (4.0hp)
  • Hydraulic drive @ 70 bar (1050 p.s.i): 3.7kw (5.0hp)

Why internal/external?

Mirage are currently believed to be the only manufacturer of a flange facing machine that can be mounted both internal and externally.

This simple concept increases the applications the machine can be used for, making it a more useful resource for any operator with multiple functions.

More details

The flange facing machine is also available to rent as well as purchase. Both come complete with the above accessories, including the required bolts, storage, CE certificate, packing list and manual for piece of mind.

If you would like to discuss your next project using the machine, get in touch with our expert team to ensure you're requirements are met on-time and on-budget too.

Download the Flange Facing Machine Buyers Guide

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