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In focus: LB150 Portable line boring machine (16-80")


In a new feature for the Mirage blog we'll be taking an in-depth look at a specific portable machine tool. This week we take a look at the LB150 Portable Line Boring Machine.

This precise, heavy duty, line boring machine was designed to machine stern tubes, rudder bores, hinge pins, gearboxes, turbines and many more applications within the oil and gas industry.


The line boring machine features:

  • A pneumatic or hydraulic helical drive (depending upon your preferences), with a high torque transfer and smooth power delivery.
  • A hollow hard chrome precision bar with reduced bar weight and assisted laser alignment.
  • An infinitely variable auto feed capable of cutting all materials.
  • Adjustable boring arms for quick set-up and high torque transfer to the cutting tool.
  • Internal and external self aligning mounts for quick set-up with spherical bearing out of alignment built-in.


As part of the machine, users will also receive as standard:

  • Toolkit, tools and toolbox
  • Air filter lubricator and hose connection
  • 2 off four leg mounting plates with self aligning bearings
  • Adjustable arms
  • Feed gearbox and motor
  • Drive gearbox and motor
  • Distributor
  • Sotrage, shipping box, CE certificate, packing list and manual

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Technical Specifications


  • Boring diameter: Min 405 mm (16"), Max 2032 mm (80")
  • Boring bar length supplied: Standard 4000 mm (157"), Max 7500 mm (296")
  • Bar RPM: Min 5, Max130

Drive and feed

  • Pneumatic drive: @ 6 bar (90 p.s.i) 4.0Hp / 3.0 Kw
  • Pneumatic feed: @ 6 bar (90 p.s.i) 1.5Hp / 1.11 Kw
  • Hydraulic drive: @ 70 bar (1050 p.s.i) 5.0Hp / 3.7 Kw
  • Hydraulic feed: @ 70 bar (1050 p.s.i) 2.2Hp / 1.64 Kw

Feed rates

  • Boring feed rate: 0-25mm/min (0-1.0"/min)
  • Hand feed/revolution: 2.0mm (0.078")

Weights and dimensions

  • Machine weight: 1223 Kgs (2690 Lbs)
  • Shipping weight: 1400 Kgs (3080 Lbs)

 Download our line boring machine buyers guide

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