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In focus: Gantry Mill Drive Kit GMRF1000

In a new feature for the Mirage blog we'll be taking an in-depth look at a specific portable machine tool. This week we take a look at the Gantry Mill Drive Kit GMRF1000.

GMRF1000 Gantry Mill Drive Kit



Used for heat exchangers, steel mill stands, turbine split lines, and pump and motor pads, the GMRF1000 gantry mill drive kit is a flexible on site tool. The modular linear rail kit will convert 2 axis milling machines into a large 3 axis milling machines in situ.

The machine has also been commonly used in the past for deck plate trepanning for the ship building trade.

The main features on the kit includes a modular jointing system for lengths up to 10cm, linear rail and carriages for absolute precision and the ability to set up fast with a jacking system included.

The gantry mill drive is also available in hydraulic, pneumatic or manual systems depending upon the use and material being milled. For more information on Mirage's milling machines, download our linear and gantry milling case study pack.

A new feature added to drills and mills in the Mirage Machines product range is the ability to mount the equipment anywhere on your equipment without damage, by using switch magnets to attach the tool too.


Depending upon the GMRF1000 model, depends on the supplies that come as standard with shipping and the storage box included. These models are split into three groups:

1000H / 1000A

Both come with 2 off linear rails and blocks, sub frame, rack feed, gear box, carriage and auto feed gearbox and motor, mounting plates, manual, tool kit, CE certification.


2 off linear rails and blocks, sub frame, rack feed, gear box, carriage and manual feed, mounting plates, manual, tool kit, CE certification. Shipping and storage box.

1000-EXT / 2000-EXT / 3000-EXT

2 off linear rails and blocks, sub frame, mounting & jointing plates, sub frame jointing sections and clamp, shipping and storage box.

Technical specifications

The GMRF1000 as standard measures in at 150cm (60") length x 50cm (20") width x 30cm (12") high and just 142kg in weight. As mentioned at the top of the blog, the milling machine can be used to adapt a 2 axis milling machine into a 3 axis. The GMR1000 can be used in conjunction with the following Mirage Machines 2 axis milling machines to complete this process:

  • MR500 - 500 stroke (20" Y axis)
  • MR1000 - 1000 stroke (40" Y axis)
  • MR1500 - 1500 stroke (60" Y axis)
  • MR2000 - 2000 stroke (80" Y axis)
  • MR3000 - 3000 stroke (120" Y axis)
  • MR4000 - 4000 stroke (157" Y axis)

Download Mirage Machines Linear Milling Case Study Pack


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