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In focus: Bespoke turning machine for the best shaft journal repair

In a new feature for the Mirage blog we'll be taking an in-depth look at a specific portable machine tool. This week we take a look at the MST300-915 Bespoke Turning Machine for shaft journal repair.

When it comes to shaft journal repair, the days of off-site repair and assembly are thankfully a thing of the past. Particularly for the shipbuilding sector, on-site machinery has meant repair times have been significantly cut, and so too have the costs associated with off-site machinery.

As many search for the perfect portable machinery which is fast and has a high accuracy tolerance, we take a look at the MST300-915 in depth to see what Mirage Machines have done to combat shaft journal repair effectively.

MST300-915 Bespoke Turning Machine

MST-machining-shaft-journal-repairThe MST300-915 is a heavy duty mid-shaft turning machine that includes drive and support bearings with a split half design.

The machine includes eight jaw mountings on both drive & support bearings, as well as an eccentric preload on both drive & support bearings. The machine is adjustable so that the shaft can be turned completely parallel and true.

The modular construction allows future adaptability to customers changing requirements in the future.

Top features

  • Easily Adjustable preloaded bearing track
  • Adjustable stroke (support bars)
  • Hydraulic or air drive available
  • Modular construction for adaptability
  • Eight jaw mounting for rigid mounting
  • Design sizes to customer requirements

Technical specifications

Depending upon your requirements depends on the model of machinery that will suit you best. The turning machine is available in three models with different dimensions, these are:

  • MST300 - 4" (100mm) min - 12" (300mm) max
  • MST600 - 12" (300mm) min - 24" (610mm) max
  • MST915 - 24" (610MM) min - 36" (915mm) max


All models come with the same drive capability, these are:

  • Pneumatic - 3.5Hp (2.61Kw)
  • Hydraulic - 5.4Hp (4.02Kw)
  • Air consumption - 48 s.c.f.m (1.35m3/m @ 90 P.S.I ( 6 Bar))

Weight and dimensions


  • Length: 34" (860mm)
  • Width: 32" (813mm)
  • Height: 32" (813mm)
  • Machine Weight: 275Lbs (125Kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 396Lbs (180Kg)


  • Length: 48" (1219mm)
  • Width: 45" (1143mm)
  • Height: 45" (1143mm)
  • Machine Weight: 550Lbs (250Kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 726Lbs (330Kg)


  • Length: 60" (1500mm)
  • Width: 58" (1473mm)
  • Height: 58" (1473mm)
  • Machine Weight: 715Lbs (325Kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 935Lbs (425Kg)

Bespoke machinery

It can be hard finding the correct tooling to repair your machine, and if your requirements are not met in the above dimensions, then Mirage Machines could create a bespoke design especially for you.

On-site machinery can significantly cut the costs of your current tooling operations. And if you're able to reduce the downtime too, investing in portable machinery could be the best move your company makes.


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