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Importance of machinery emphasised as UK wind power increases


Wind capacity could reach 2,000GW globally and meet 19% of electricity demand by 2030, figures have suggested.

According to the data, the strong performance of this industry could lead to considerable benefits all round.

By meeting up to 19% of the world’s demand for electricity, the world could avoid producing as much as three billion tonnes of CO2 per year; creating two million jobs and £112 billion worth of investments in the process.

Global report

The Global Wind Outlook Report 2014 demonstrated how wind can spur the transition towards a new carbon low economy, but in order to take advantage of this opportunity it is important that sufficient and appropriate machinery to encourage further is created and available.

The industry has grown at 26% each year for the past 18 years and is continuing to report strong figures as time passes.

The report also found that in 2013, 3% of the world’s electricity supply was provided by wind power. This is set to increase by 45 GW to 363 GW by the end of 2014.

The future of wind power

The power sector is the largest single contributor of green house gas emissions, accounting for a quarter of it. So far, a total of 90 countries have adopted wind power systems and found success throughout the implementation.

Chief Executive of Global Wind Energy Council, Jim Sawyer explained, "Wind power has become the least-cost option when adding new capacity to the grid in an increasing number of markets, and prices continue to fall."

Based on the International Energy Agency forecasts, it is thought that by 2020 wind capacity could reach a total of 611GW and 964GW by 2030. This means that wind energy could meet 7.5% of global electricity by 2020, 14% by 2030 and 18.5% by 2050.

The right machinery

In order for the UK to benefit from wind power solutions, it is vital that the industry must be able to rely on strong, sufficient and durable machinery that is flexible enough to address the growing requirements of this industry.

Mirage is a leading manufacturer of orbital milling machines which can assist in the production of both tower and wind turbine rotor blades.

Providing ultimate stability ensuring maximum performance with every use, the machines are rigid, fast set and variable in cutting speeds for accuracy. To find out more about the machines, download the Mirage Orbital Milling Buyers Guide here.

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Photo Credit: Iamoix via Flickr


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