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Video: MM610i ID mount flange facer set-up and operation



Every machine despatched from Mirage is supplied with a product manual. This details how to set-up and operate the product. These illustrated manuals tell you pretty much everything you need to know, to ensure good results and safe operation. However, there's no substitute for seeing how it's done in practice - which is why we've created the video above to show the set-up and operation procedure for the Mirage MM610i internally mounted flange facing machine. It can also be referred to for users of the smaller MM305i as these machines share many common components.

More about the MM610i Flange Facing Machine

  • Facing diameter from 2 to 24"
  • Geared continuous groove facing feeds for a gramophone finish (ASME Standard)
  • Fine finishes range from 128 to 224 grooves per inch, and coarse finishes range from 32 to 56 grooves per inch
  • Two lead screws supplied as standard (with a third available as an option).
  • Striker/kick boring feeds, to complete a full range of machining applications
  • Quick set independent base for improved on-site operation
  • Hardened slide ways to maintain long term accuracy
  • Swivel tool post for groove details which reduces need for separate accessories

Download our Flange Facing Machine Buyers Guide today, or if you have a potential project needing this product right now  please click here to get in touch.

Download the Flange Facing Machine Buyers Guide


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