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Hydroelectric stay ring repairs: How orbital milling machines can help


Hydroelectric systems produce 20% of the world’s electricity, making them an integral part of the energy-producing industries. As both the age and reliance on these systems continues to increase, the integrity of the hydropower generating facilities will be called into question.

Whilst many OEMs would concentrate on ‘common repairs’ including pumps, spherical and butterfly valve and cavitation repairs, the often-overlooked importance of stay ring and stay vane repairs are just as important.

Stay ring repairs

Cracks or fractures to the stay ring should be a priority for repair.

Repairs to the stay ring take away the possibility of system failure or internal damage, and can have the potential to increase efficiency.

But finding portable machinery to accurately resolve your issues can be difficult due to the sheer size of the stay ring and the accuracy required to make the repair.

Mirage’s expertise

With a track record of delivering workshop quality tolerances time and again, Mirage’s orbital milling machines can deliver on even the most demanding jobs.

The rigid independent base on the machines are easy to set up and provide ultimate stability ensuring maximum performance with every use. In addition, the machines offer a range of rotary and spindle cutting speeds to give the perfect finish, no matter what the application.

Used within the wind turbine and ship building industries too, the orbital milling machine is capable of milling hydroelectric stay ring and wear faces, as well as many other applications involved in stay ring repair.

Orbital milling machines - in detail

Mirage’s unique orbital milling range provides fast material removal with high accuracy, specifically developed for machining large flanges and rings.

All powered by hydraulic, the 5 machines available range from 60” to 315” and come complete along with:

  •          Drive ring, motors and gearbox
  •          Milling facing arm and spindle
  •          Internal chuck base assembly
  •          Jaw blocks and adjustable clamping jaws
  •          Toolkit, hose kit and centre distributor
  •          Bolts and shipping box
  •          CE certificate, packing list and manual

Additional accessories such as a tube sheet mounting kit, extended milling spindle and power packs are available on request.

Your next steps

If you require any repair work to your hydroelectric stay ring, get in touch with us or download our free guide Orbital Milling Machines: A Buyers Guide.

It’s important during the repair process to identify where the root cause of the problem first started, and identify how to resolve it.

Download the Mirage Machines Orbital Milling Buyers Guide

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