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HTM100 hot tapping machine: Less weight, same power, more maneuverability


We have recently added a new hot tapping machine to our range of machines suitable for hot tapping up to 1480 psi (102 bar).

The HTM100 replaces the existing HTM150 and has the same working pressure limit and cutting range of 13mm - 102mm (1/2 - 4") but at 15kg, it is more than 20% lighter than the existing HTM150.

Developed with the water, gas and petrochemical industries in mind, we are confident that our latest hot tapping machine will be a great addition to the on-site machine tools used at plants across the world.

Hot tapping machine operators will notice the improved manoeuvrability provided by the HTM100 due to the reduction in weight. In fact, we believe the machine is so lightweight that can be operated by just one person.

In light of this product launch we will now be retiring the HTM150 although the existing HTM150XL, which is capable of hot tapping from 13-152mm (1/2 - 6") will continue to be sold.

HTM 100 hot tapping machine specifications


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