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How to successfully complete flange facing repairs in hard to reach places

https://info.miragemachines.com/flange-facing-machine-buyers-guide-1The very nature of in-situ machining often requires machinists to carry out repairs on flanges that are difficult to access. Whether they’re located in a limited access area or simply cramped in by other plant equipment, some repairs require more than a standard flange facer.

Here’s two examples of how hard to reach compact flanges and heat exchanger flanges were repaired with the assistance of Mirage’s portable machinery.

Compact Flanges

The use of compact flanges has increased significantly in recent years and they are notoriously difficult to machine. The narrow internal diameter of the flanges rules out the use of an internally-mounted machine and the positioning of the pipes, usually tightly packed side-by-side, makes using a standard externally mounted flange facing machine all but impossible.

To overcome this problem we have developed the MM200e, a flange facer designed specifically for compact flange repairs. The MM200e is an externally mounted machine that is so compact that it will fit on company flanges in the tightest of spots and achieves amazing workshop-quality tolerances.

The MM200e


Capable of operating at 0-8”, the MM200e flange facing machine is an externally mounted flange facing machine for all types of facing, as well as seal groove machining, weld preparation and counter boring.

The versatile machine which can be used in-situ features a lightweight construction, swivel tool post and geared continuous groove facing feed ideal for restricted access areas.

Heat Exchanger Flanges

It is natural that your heat exchanger will need repairs at stages throughout its life. It is important however to maintain the tool’s integrity by avoiding fouling. Heat exchanger inefficiency can be costly, so regular maintenance of divider plates to prevent corrosion is a worthwhile investment in the long-run. However, repairing the divider plate of a shell & tube heat exchanger is easier said than done.

What many machinists don’t realise is that this restoration can be achieve using a standard internally-mounted flange facing machine, such the Mirage MM1000i, with a specialist heat exchanger mounting kit to repair both front and rear flange faces.

The MM1000i


An internally mounted flange facing machine, the MM1000i can work to diameters of 6-40”, and similar to the MM200e, can also work on flange seal grooves, weld preparation and counter bores as well as flange facing.

Featuring the latest linear technology for durability and repeatability, the MM1000i also has quick set adjustable clamps and a high torque drive providing a fast and limited noise level.


To find out more about the MM1000i and MM200e, download Mirage’s Flange Facing Buyer’s Guide today.

Download the Flange Facing Machine Buyers Guide

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