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How to repair an industrial diesel engine using a flange facing machine


Right image: View from the crank case toward the lower water jacket location diameter

Diesel engines used on UK waste disposal sites are fuelled by the gases produced as part of the waste disposal process - thus providing renewable/green power generation.

A diesel engine cylinder block suffers from cooling water erosion to the block, which eventually introduces water to the combustion chamber and impacts the performance of the engine.

A common method within industrial diesel engine refurbishment is to repair the block by fitting sleeves to the engine water jacket locations; which removes erosion damage and enables a standard water jacket to be re-fitted.

Otherwise, the cylinder block could be written off at a cost of over £40,000 / $60,000.  

Mirage’s solution?

After being approach by the customer to find a solution to their ongoing refurbishment requirements, Mirage supplied a MM300e flange facing machine with engine specific mounts for machining the engine block to cylinder head interface (standard machining operation).

The lower water jacket location has to be machined following machining of the engine block to cylinder head interface, with all machining completed within the same machine setting.

Mirage designed and manufactured a bespoke deep boring head to fit within the MM300e which enabled the machining of the lower water jacket location with a ‘crank in, crank out’ capability.

The results?

After creating the bespoke tooling required to complete the machining of the lower water jacket, the project was completed successfully, and swiftly – fully machined within a 12 hour period.

The MM300e

A part of the flange facing machine family, the MM300e mounts externally on your chosen machine and is suitable for all types of seal grooves, weld preps and counter bores requirements too.

Including a flange facing range of 0.0 – 12.0” and a clamping range of 2.0 – 12.0”, the flange facing machine also features:

  • High accuracy bearing
  • Helical gear drive for improved surface finish
  • Fast set 4 jaw base
  • Swivel tool post and groove attachment

For more information about the MM300e, download the Mirage Machines Flange Facing Buyers Guide by clicking here.

Mirage’s expertise

As well as offering customers the machinery required to complete their repair project, Mirage can help you achieve these without standard machinery available for your project.

The case study above is evident that Mirage’s expertise can help you create bespoke tooling that meets your requirements and expectations. To find out more about how we can help meet your niche criteria, get in touch by clicking here.

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