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How to keep your oil and gas operations running smoothly in 8 steps


Information flow is an integral part of running an offshore rig and oil and gas company effectively. Failure to record and act upon information from workers or reporting systems could end in unnecessary damage to assets.

With this in mind, data and analytics firm Total Stream have created a presentation outlining 8 critical points of integration for all oil and gas companies, and how they can improve on their current information flow systems.


Understanding your machine requirements

As the presentation outlines, planning is essential and the same applies for your portable machine requirements going forward.

Before downtime, managers and engineers should work together to identify areas of repair that need tackling, and can be repaired in the tight timeline given.

It too can be hard to identify the correct machinery required to complete the application, and that is where Mirage can help.

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry and a vast range of application-specific machines available to purchase or rent, Mirage can help you complete your asset repairs as smoothly as possible.

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