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How to improve pipe cutting efficiency in the energy sector


Specialising in portable machine tools for the energy sector Mirage Machines has achieved a step-change in the operational efficiency and reliability of cutting technologies for pipeline and plant fabrication manufacturers and contractors in the international energy sector.

Rising fabrication and maintenance project activity, including works on wellhead, riser and caisson assemblies, has significantly increased demand from construction yards, operators and dutyholders for new pipecutting technologies across the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific – the marketplace is worth an estimated $100m each year.

Introducing the MSF

UK-based manufacturer and supplier Mirage Machines has evolved split-frame machine technology with the development of its MSF (Mirage Split-Frame) machine, which will significantly improve pipe cutting efficiency operations on infrastructure composed of heat-resistant, stainless and super-duplex metals.

Mirage has developed innovative new self-squaring capability for the fully-portable MSF, reducing the risk of installation error during operations and significantly shortening the setup process, maximising the operational run-time of its equipment.

View from the MD

Richard Silk, managing director of Mirage Machines, says the MSF technology has applications in every energy-producing region, and is already being shipped worldwide to meet rising demand generated by capex and opex projects in new and existing oil and gas infrastructure. "The pipecutting marketplace is a significant slice of the portable machine tool supply chain, yet until now the technology has not moved forward. The majority of machines in use have been based on an operational design which hasn't evolved in 30 years," he says.

"We designed the MSF to bring about the step change the industry needs – reducing the weight of the machine while improving its technical capability, giving operators and service companies a more reliable, durable pipecutting tool which delivers excellent accuracy, without interruption, at any scale.

"Due to the level of global demand, we have already increased our manufacturing capability at our headquarters in the UK to deliver work-ready MSF machines across the regions, and have focussed on being able to supply from stock in the US and Australian markets to ensure that Mirage customers can respond quickly to the industry's needs."

For more information on the MSF, download our free eBook, Pipe and Casing Cutting Buyers Guide here.

About Mirage

Mirage Machines designs and manufactures technologies for applications including drilling and tapping, flange facing, hot tapping and line stopping, line boring, milling and gantry milling, orbital milling; and pipe and casing cutting.

Mirage, headquartered in Derby, UK, was founded in 1993 and employs a team of 40 specialist engineers, machinists and support staff at its industrial manufacturing and service base. Acquired by Acteon in 2006, the business is certified to ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Free download: Pipe and Casing cutting on-site machining buyer guide

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