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How to get a new flange facing machine at a reduced price


This week, we take a break from the usual technical insight to bring you something different. 2018 marks our 25th year as a manufacturer of portable machine tools, so we’re launching a superb offer to celebrate this important landmark. We also look back at how Mirage has evolved from its humble beginnings back in 1993 to the global company it is today.

First of all, here’s details of our current anniversary offer...

For orders placed for flange facing machines received before the end of July 2018 we’re offering a 25% discount of list price. Simple as that!

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This applies to ALL flange facing machines across the Mirage standard range. So if your current machine has seen better days, or you’re thinking of adding a flange facer to your line-up of machine tools the time to take action is now!

Here’s what you need to know;

  • Offer is valid for purchased complete flange facing machines only. (Not applicable to rented machines).
  • Orders received between 19th June and 31st July 2018 inclusive. Flange Facing Machine accessories will also qualify, but only when purchased with a full machine in conjunction with this offer.
  • Normal Mirage terms and conditions apply.

Timeline of  innovation

  • In 1972, long before Mirage was established, George Silk, set up ‘Silk Engineering’, the company responsible for designing and manufacturing the ‘Silk’ range of motorcycles.
  • In 1981, Silk Engineering launched the renowned ‘Silk’ range of portable machine tools
  • In 1983 Silk was acquired by Furmanite, who took the range of machine tools into their portfolio. Following this, George’s drive to innovate resulted in the launch of a new and separate entity ‘Mirage Machines.’
  • The combination of Mr Silk’s engineering know-how, along with family members and a team of experienced portable machine tool engineers proved a winning formula, setting the company on its way to expansion.
  • First to hit the production line was a comprehensive range of ID and OD mount flange facing machines. These improved upon previous designs with the addition of patented ‘power-feed’ tool posts, which in addition to facing, provided the added advantage of being able to bore internal diameters.
  • Next to be launched was a range of portable milling machines, drilling and tapping machines and split frame ‘clamshell’ pipe cutters. 

Find out more about Mirage flange facing machines here.  If you would like to speak to your regional technical sales representative get in touch here

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