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How to diagnose three common flange facer faults

When a flange facing machine starts to present any of the following problems you need a swift diagnosis and solution to get your kit servicable. Here are three ways to diagnose and identify faults with your flange facing machine as quickly as possible.

The machine will not rotate

Possible Cause Action
The air supply is not available Check the air supply. Reconnect and repair as necessary
The air supply is below the minimum required to operate the machine Check the air supply .Reconnect and repair as necessary
The drive motor is faulty Remove the motor and test its performance. Replace or repair as necessary
The drive gear train is damaged Remove the air motor and check the free rotation. Repair or replace as necessary
The air valve is faulty or the emergency shut off is activated Check the supply to the motor and ensure emergency shut off is not active

The machine does not traverse

Possible Cause Action
The feed selector is not correctly positioned and the facing feed gears are not engaged Check the position of the feed selector to ensure gears are correctly engaged
The direction selector is in neutral or not correctly engaged – if both gears are engaged this should not rotate Check position and ensure there is no rotation
There is a drive key problem Remove and check the gearbox assembly operation
The carriage has been run off the lead screw Check lead screw nut and screw are engaged

The surface finish on the flange is poor

Possible Cause Action
The machine is out of balance Check the balance of the machine and adjust as necessary
The machine base has been incorrectly installed Check the installation instructions and adjust as necessary
Machine installation bolts have not been tightened Tighten the installation bolts
The turning tool is not ground correctly or is worn Check the condition of the turning tool and replace as necessary
The depth of the cut is too deep Use the tool adjustments to adjust the depth of the cut
There is too much play in the tool post gib strip or carriage Adjust the tool post and carriage
Too much play in the main hub bearings Adjust the hub bearings
The drive motor is worn out Replace the drive motor
The surfacing arm is poorly adjusted Check the arm and adjust as required
The machine is in a generally poor state of repair Contact Mirage Machines and arrange a tool refurbishment

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