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How to complete a heat exchanger repair project


Mirage was approached by a leading UK heat exchanger specialist, to supply portable machine tools, and accessories, to complete the machining of heat exchanger tube sheet front and back sealing faces, plus the division slots (within the tube bundle), for both new manufacture and/or repair/refurbishment of heat exchangers.

The brief

The customer manufactures a range of heat exchangers, at diameters up to 2m, with the Mirage MM2000i flange facing machine (accompanied by a tube sheet mounting plate and back facing kit) suitable to cover this range of applications, for the front and back facing operations.

A Mirage LMR2000 Light Milling Rail was supplied to machine the division slots and complete the heat exchanger machining operation.

Mirage equipment was chosen as it delivers efficient, reliable and proven machining capability, on location at the customer’s facility, during either planned build activities or in the event of repair/refurbishment requirements.

In addition to supply of the machines, Mirage also carried out on-site commissioning and training for the customer staff, to ensure optimum machine operation and performance.

Machinery used

The Mirage standard MR range of milling machines were developed for standard industrial milling operations, where heavy duty/high level material removal is required along with tight machining tolerances and surface finishes.

The division slots on heat exchangers are thin section plates, requiring a maximum 16mm diameter tooling and only minimal material removal.

Due to the specific requirements for heat exchanger division slot machining and to assist on-site operations, Mirage developed the LMR range of milling rails, specifically to meet customer needs and provide a capable but lightweight machining option for these applications.

The LMR range of machines are now part of Mirage standard product range.

Heat exchanger video

Recently, Mirage released a motion graphics video of a heat exchanger mounting kit, including fitting of a flange facing machine. Take a look at the video below...

Machine details


An internally mounted flange facing machine, for all types of flange facing, seal groove machining, weld preparation, counter boring and repair, up to 2m flange diameter.

Features a high torque drive unit (only a 60dB noise level), latest linear technology (to deliver durability, repeatability and accuracy), quick set, adjustable clamping jaws (to accommodate a wide range of applications with reduced set-up and on-site times) and a powered, swivel toolpost (for various groove and bevel machining).

More on the MM2000i flange facing machine >


A 2 axis, lightweight aluminium milling rail that is built for reliable and efficient machining; especially for use on heat exchangers, but also suitable for all general purpose (lighter duty) in-situ milling. 

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Reduce servicing times, improve maintenance performance and streamline heat exchanger repair work by using on-site machining. Mirage's experienced team can find a solution whether you use fin fan coolers or shell & tube exchangers.

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