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How to choose the right diamond wire saw




There are a number of different kinds of heavy duty diamond wire saws available to rent or purchase and choosing the right machine along with all of the relevant the options and accessories for your particular needs can seem a little daunting.

To make the process easier, Mirage has developed a new ‘Diamond Wire Saw Buyers Guide’ which is designed to help compare the different machines available and will guide you through the selection process step by step. Below is a taster of some of the advice the new guide offers and if you want to download the full guide you can do this here.


Download the Buyers Guide Here


Key considerations

Answering the fundamental questions below as early as possible will streamline the selection process and help potential suppliers respond with the right information quickly.

  • Will the saw be used for subsea or topside cutting?  
  • If subsea, what water depth do you plan to work at?
  • What are the diameters of the items to cut?
  • Is this a one-off project, or one of many projects?
  • When do you need the item?
  • What materials will you be cutting?
  • Do your own operators need product training?
  • Will the saw be diver, ROV or surface controlled?
  • Apart from the saw itself, what other equipment might you need? (This could include the power pack, control panel, spare ropes and hydraulic hose reel).

Which type of diamond wire saw do you need?

The Mirage range includes high performance cutting machines for subsea and topside applications. Each diamond wire and manipulator saw is ROV compatible. If you are working on topside projects only you may wish to consider using a Mirage band saw instead.

The three variants in the Mirage range are Shallow Water Diamond Wire Saws, Deepwater Diamond Wire Saws and Manipulator Saws. Let’s take a brief look at each type.

Shallow Water Diamond Wire Saws

  • A range of machines capable of cutting from 6” up to 84” diameter.
  • Can cut through all materials.
  • Commonly used for pipelines, multistring casings, piles, platform legs and wellheads.

 Deepwater Diamond Wire saws

The Mirage range of deepwater diamond wire saws operate in the same way as the standard shallow water machines, but are also equipped with two modular buoyancy modules, an ROV control panel and Hot Stab. They are rated up to 10,000ft (3,000m) of water depth. The range comprises of four models capable of cutting 6” to 84” diameters.

 Manipulator Saws

These are a much more compact, lower cost and simpler alternative to the standard and deepwater diamond wire saws. They are designed for quick deployment and the cutting of smaller pipes, casings and structures up to 12” diameter. This makes them ideally suited for repairs, decommissioning and salvage operations.  The machines work by hooking up directly with the main hydraulics of the ROV.

What are the options and accessories you might need?

To operate a diamond wire saw you will need a hydraulic power pack, control unit and replacement diamond wire ropes. Depending upon your project you may also need a spares kit, a deployment basket, flotation modules, top side hose kits, hydraulic reel and a hot stab unit.

The new Mirage Diamond Wire Saw Buyers Guide lists all of the saws, options and accessories in an easy to read pdf format that includes tick boxes to shortlist your items for quotation. The guide also includes frequently asked questions, a case study and links to related product demonstration videos. You can download the guide below or if you would like to speak to our technical team please get in touch with us here 

Download the Buyers Guide Here


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