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How to choose a portable machine tool manufacturer


If you’re looking for in-situ machining equipment, there’s no shortage of portable machine tool manufacturers out there, each one eager to supply their shiny new products to you on either a rental or purchase basis.

So how will you decide?

Imagine you’ve narrowed your search down to 2 or 3 contenders and each company looks to have a machine capable of doing the job. Be honest, in the past how has your company really decided on who’s products to buy?

Despite the rational nature of engineering professionals, bad purchase decisions are still made, mostly due to ‘gut feel’ and irrational logic. Company 'A' may be the biggest and has a website explaining how great they are. Another company may have “Bob” the regional sales representative, who’s looked after you very well for a few years. (What Bob won’t want to tell you is that there’s better performing products out there!).

In the oil & gas, power generation and petrochemical industries, there’s far too much at stake to take chances. Using inferior in-situ machining products will put both your company’s and your customer’s reputation seriously at risk.

That’s why in our latest company video we show you what our products have achieved on 3 typical on-site machining projects.

Our message is simple. The next time you are choosing a portable machine tool, make your decision on performance , not promises!

Do you need equipment for an on-site machining project? Visit our resources section to download a buyer’s guide, or get in touch with your regional contact here

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