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How portable milling machines work


Portable milling machines are used widely in the oil & gas and power generation industries. Some typical projects to date that have used Mirage milling machines include pipe seam weld removal, stay vane machining at a hydro plant, and heat exchanger refurbishment.

To help you understand how they are constructed and how they work we've designed a simple infographic to help you understand the basics. The illustration shows the MR2000-A Milling Machine, which is one of several 2 axis portable milling machines available in the Mirage range. 

For a quick snapshot you can view the image below, or for a closer look we recommend you click here to download the illustration in Pdf format.

For full technical specifications of our full range of milling machines we recommend you download our Linear Milling Buyers Guide.

Download the Linear and Gantry Milling Machine Buyer's Guide



Download the Mirage Machines Linear Milling Buyers Guide

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