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How has the energy sector changed in the last 25 years?


As part of our ongoing 25th anniversary celebrations, this week we’re breaking away from the usual portable machine tool insight and take a look at what has changed since Mirage Machines was founded back in 1993.

Despite a few bumps along the road, the energy industries have seen dramatic growth in output - Which is just as well when you look at the growth in the world's population.

Then and now. How 1993 compares to today

The table below shows significant growth in all of the areas listed.The increased demand for energy is put into perspective when you see how the world's population has grown over the last 25 years. Just to put things into perspective - Assuming it takes two minutes to read this article, the world's population will have increased by another 280 people.


Growth by energy type

The graph below shows the growth in energy consumption split by type. Although energy consumption from renewable sources has grown significantly in recent years, the share of the overall mix remains very small.

global energy consumption


Feeling nostalgic? -  other changes since 1993?

Aside from the energy sector, what else is different today? Technology has developed dramatically, and arguably for the better in most cases.

As for politicians, music and TV programmes? - best if you make your own mind up!


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