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5 signs why you should invest in a subsea band saw for cold cutting


Subsea cold cutting of conductors and pipelines can be a risky, arduous and long-winded process, especially in poor weather conditions.

Techniques such as high pressure water jets can be beneficial to your business and the project, but what a saw can offer to a cold cutting solution is far greater.

Here are 5 signs why you should invest in a subsea band saw:

The case for a band saw

Fast and efficient

Subsea bandsaws can offer a speedier process to cold cutting, thus cutting project and staff costs at the same time. Don't think the natural efficiency of the saw diminishes accuracy, the machining can accurately cut paths for any conductors and pipeline and work far better than any water jet system.

R.O.V operations

For projects out-of-reach of human interaction, saws are now available with a sub sea kit for an R.O.V operation. Both safety and efficiency are enhanced in using R.O.V in this way.

The saw will already come with a complete toolkit, storage / shipping crate, CE certificate, packing list and manual as standard. 

New low height

Developments has meant the machine now has a new low height for minimum clearances. This improves accuracy and safety in tight working conditions. Many also have a cold cutting range, just like the product picture above (32-48"). For more technical specifications on band saw sizes, visit our main website.

Any material, any blade

An extensive range of blade selections means that all pipeline materials can be tackled by the saw, making the machine multi-purpose and more efficient. And due to the machine being an easy modular construction with a quick mount swing clamp, it means it can still be set-up in less time

Multi-functional machine

Unlike other tooling the machine offers flexibility and the ability to use it on other projects. Previously the saws, which can operate vertically and horizontally, have been used for tubular severance, multiple concentric pipe cutting, as well as caisson cutting and platform decommissioning.

Any assets that serve more than one purpose in the business is well worth investing in, especially when the tooling is portable, compact and easy to store.

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