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Operating a hot tapping machine safely: PPE

The hot tapping procedure is associated with a potential hazards and risks; as such each hot tap operation requires careful planning, risk assessments and personal pretective equipment.

This post will show you the recommended personal protective equipment required to perform a hot tap safely. While much of the PPE is mandatory when on-site there are some pieces of PPE that are especially important when performing the hot tap procedure.

Please note: Due to the different health and safety regulations around the world it is the responsibility of each hot tapping machine operator to ensure they have complied with local regulations.

Area protected

Personal protective equipment required



When performing a hot tap ensure you have appropriate ear protection.A pair of ear defenders will be provide the best protection.



Hot Tapping Safely Head Protection

Always wear a hard hat or similar when operating a hot tapping machines



Hot Tapping Safety Eye Wear

Always wear the approrpiate eye wear when carrying out a hot tapping procedure.Shock-proof goggles are recommended.



Hot Tapping Safety Foot Protection

Steel-toe capped boots must be worn at all times.


Hand and arms

Hot Tapping Safely Hand Protection

Ensure the appropriate safety gloves are worn when operating the machine.



Hot Tapping Safely Body Protection

It is recommended that overalls be worn at all times when performing a hot tap. High visibility vests are also advised.

Hot Tapping Safety High Vis

The Mirage CHT hot tapping machine range offer a high working capacity upto 5000psi and have been designed specifically for pipeline intervention and wellhead maintenance.  Contact out sales team to find out more about the full range of Mirage hot tapping machines.

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