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Heat exchanger maintenance: Flange and division plate restoration

The conditions in which heat exchangers operate are extreme. With line contents having such large temperature extremes or being chemically reactive, it's common to find heat exchangers suffering from large amounts of fouling, be it organic, chemical or corrosive. 

In the video above you can see a Mirage flange facer that has been adapted for use in the production of heat exchangers. For a similar application at a plant in Malaysia we fitted a MM3000i with special mount with jacking plates that allowed the machine to be clamped to the heat exchanger using expanding bolts. Using this design we are able to centralise and level the machine. Carrying out this job in the way that we did meant the heat exchanger division plates were machined insitu meaning the costly logistics of shipping the heat exchanger to a workshop were avoided.

If you'd like to know more about our portable machine tools for insitu heat exchanger repair and maintenance, call our sales engineers.

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