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Heat exchanger mounting kit: An on-site machining animation

Repair fouling and corrosion on heat exchanger division plates


It is natural that your heat exchanger will need repairs at stages throughout it's life. It is important however to maintain the tool's integrity by avoiding fouling.

A common problem, but avoiding corrosion, settlements of rust, dust and biological deposits can boost the performance of your exchanger.

Repairing machine tubes with severe fouling can require the complete replacement of the tube bundle - a costly job that requires the whole heat exchanger to be stripped down.

Technical specifications

The heat exchanger mounting kit is an easy way of attaching the Mirage range of flange facing on-site machining tools to your heat exchanger, enabling the machining of both front and rear faces if required. The product features:

  • Quick set up, centralization and clamping
  • In built axial leveling adjustment
  • No welding required

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