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General maintenance of a portable flange facing machine

MirageFF2When general maintenance is carried out regularly and in-line with manufacturers’ instructions, maintaining a flange facing machine should be a simple task. Portable machine tools of all kinds, including flange facing machines, require regular maintenance if they are to achieve the workshop quality tolerances that operators expect.

This guide gives you an overview of the tasks required to maintain a flange facing machine capable of repeatedly achieving high-quality surface finishes.

Maintenance tasks after each use

Each time the machine is used you must clean all cutting debris from machine. Make sure you pay particular attention to lead screws, pivots, sealing, sliding & rotating faces.

This task can be performed using water or general cleaning/displacing oil such as WD40.

After ten hours of use

Ongoing maintenance tasks should be carried out based on the length of time the machine has been operated. After every ten hours of use we recommend your machine is oiled using a mineral based SAE 10 oil.

Apply a small amount of low viscosity oil to all lead screws, pivots, sliding & rotating faces. Following the oiling, all nuts and bolts should be checked for tightness. Loose fittings will cause vibration during operation resulting in an uneven surface finish.

After 100 hours of use

This task can vary from machine to machine and it is recommended that you refer to the machine manual for the specific tasks required at this point.

However, as a general rule, after every 100 hours of use we you should check for backlash in lead screw/lead screw nut and repair as necessary.

General wear and tear

General wear and tear items should be replaced with like for like components as per the machine general assembly drawings detailed in the machine manual. Failure to do so may result in a machine that is not fit for purpose.

This includes replacing the cutting tool and cutting tools inserts as they become worn. Failure to do so will result in an unacceptable surface finish.

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