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Four things to know about Mirage portable milling machines

As a manufacturer of high-quality, durable portable machine tools we pride ourselves on creating innovative solutions to meet the needs of on-site machining engineers. This is no more evident than in our portable linear milling machine range where we have created some of the most robust tools on the market.

Our linear milling machines accept standard tooling

We believe in giving the customer the best possible experience when using our tools. That's why machines such as the portable milling machines have been designed to accept standard tooling. When you buy a portable milling machine from Mirage Machines you won't be tied into buying expensive and difficult to source proprietary tooling.

They're great for heat exchanger repair

We have designed a range of linear milling machines with heat exchanger repair in mind. The LMR1000, LMR1500and the LMR2000 can be attached to a heat exchanger using out heat exchanger mounting kit where they can be used for resurfacing head exchanger divider plates.

We can turn 2-axis machines into 3-axis machines

The projects you are working on might not require a 3-axis machine right now so investing in a 2-axis portable milling machine would make sense. But what happens if you need a 3-axis machine for your next project? Worry not. Our linear milling gantry rails are an innovative solution to those who need additional machining capability for their 2-axis milling machine.

We make machines for subsea milling

As a part of the Actuant group it is only right that we offer subsea machining capabilities. This is as true of our milling machine range as it is of our pipe and casing cutting range. In fact, our portable milling machines have been used for a variety of subsea applications such as subsea doubler plate removal and subsea window machining.

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