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In focus: The MM2000i Flange Facing Machine



In our 'In-focus' blogs, we take a look at one of our portable machine tools. This time we're examining the MM2000i internal mount flange facing machine.

This is an internally mounted flange facing machine used for many types of flange facing, flange seal grooves, weld preparation and counter bore.

Applications for the MM2000i Flange Facing Machine

As one of the larger machines in the range, the machine it is suitable for facing large flanges with diameters from 24” to 80” (610mm – 2032mm). This makes it ideal for pipelines used for crude oil, natural gas, water, or large pipes in the petrochemical industry.
The MM2000i can also be used for match boring. Feed rates range from 0.03 to 0.15 mm per revolution.
Aside from pipelines, the MM2000i is used for machining end flanges of heat exchangers. To do this, the MM2000i-7 heat exchanger mounting plate kit is needed and for machining the back face of heat exchanger flanges you will also need the MM2000i-26 back facing kit. Watch this video to see the machine in action on a heat exchanger. The mounting kit can also be seen in this video 


Technical summary

  • Facing diameter from 24” to 80” (610mm to 2032mm)
  • Clamping diameter from 24” to 72” (604mm to 1830mm)
  • Tool Post travel – (geared automatic) 4”
  • Number of feed settings: 6
  • Grooves per inch: 42, 50, 103,122, 160, 191
  • R.P.M: 16
  • Drive – choice of pneumatic or hydraulic
  • Machine weight (excluding base) 805 Lbs (365kg)

Features of the MM2000i Flange Facing Machine

The MM2000i features a high torque drive that provides durability and repeatable accuracy. You can choose from hydraulic and pneumatically powered machines, each delivering a total of 6 different continuous groove finishes to ASME standard.

As with all machines in the flange facing range, the MM2000i uses hardened steel slide ways for the tool post to traverse.

The machine comes complete with 2 different sized bases and a wide range of leg components that allow the machine to be mounted in flange bores from 24” to 72” (604mm to 1830mm).

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