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Flange facing machine accessories to extend your capabilities


On-site machining challenges are often unique, which makes for an interesting life for the Project Engineer. The downside is that standard flange facing machine equipment quite often isn’t sufficient to get the job done correctly.

But before you either turn down your next flange facing job, or invest in a new product, it’s worth checking to see if any accessories can be used to convert your existing machines to suit a different purpose. In this article, we give an overview of the various accessories available to extend the capabilities of Mirage flange facing machines.

Orbital Milling Kit

If you don’t want to create a spiral serrated finish and need a smoother machined finish, depending upon your existing model you may be able to use an orbital milling kit which will temporarily convert your flange facing machine into a circular milling machine. The kit uses a reduction drive, milling quill type of spindle, an adapter plate and 4-way distributor.


RTJ Measuring Kit

If you are machining ring type joints you will need to make use of a suitable RTJ measuring kit. These kits are machine specific, enabling you to use with the machine in place. You can choose the right kit here.


Compact Flange Machining Kit

These enable the accurate machining of the taper angles required within compact flanges. The kits allow a standard machine to be ‘retro-fitted’ making the machining of compact flanges possible. If your intention is to machine compact flanges regularly, it may be more economical and convenient to buy a flange facing machine built specifically for machining compact flanges.


Boring Bar Attachment

This makes it possible to carry out precision boring of components and is primarily designed for diesel engines and valve seat machining. The attachment fits onto the Mirage MM600e external mount flange facing machine and uses a striker or optional geared feed.


Hydraulic Conversion Kit

The hydraulic conversion kit allows you to convert a pneumatic flange facing machine into one you can use when there isn’t an air supply available. The kit makes the flange facer compatible with a hydraulic power pack.


Heat Exchanger Machining Accessories

The machining of flanges on heat exchanger tubes presents different challenges as compared to pipe flanges.  The problem of mounting the flange facing machine can be overcome using the Mirage heat exchanger mounting kit. You can see how this works in our video animation here. The problem of machining the back face of the flange is overcome using a back facing kit. This works using an auto facing feed and by changing configuration of the tool post.


Lens Ring Machining

Optional Lens Ring Kits are used in place of the standard tool post on flange facing machines for performing repair work on 20° lens ring flanges.


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