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On-site machining: Cutting Feed and Speed Calculations

The following details are published as a reference for engineers performing on-site machining using portable flange facing, milling or drilling machines. Always ensure you have checked the capabilities of your machine tools before commencing any work.

Use the key below to find the appropriate reference for each abbreviation

  • C = cutting edge constant (from table 1)
  • DC = axial depth of cut
  • Dia = Diameter of cutting tool
  • FPT = Feed per tooth (mm or Inches)
  • FR = Feed rate (mm/min or inches/min)
  • FRR = Feed rate per revolution
  • HP = horse power (estimate of the power required at the motor assumes 75% efficiency)
  • MR = Metal removal rate (cm³/min or inches³/min)
  • NT = Number of teeth
  • PC = power constant (from table 3)
  • RC = radial engagement of cut (mm or inches)        
  • RPM = spindle revs /min
  • V = cutting speed (m/min or Ft/min)
  • WC = wear constant (from table 2)










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