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Five uses for a flange facing machine

With twenty years of experience making speicalist on-site machine tools, we like to think we know a thing or two about how to use the machines we make. One of the most versatile product ranges is our flange facing machines which have 

Damaged flange face restoration

On-site working environments are busy places with lots of heavy machinery and equipment being moved around. It's no surprise that from time to time the flange faces that we rely on to keep a tight seal on active pipelines get damaged. Our portable machine tools enable a quick repair to be carried out on site to return the flange face back to a working condition.

Heat exchanger flange repair

Heat exchanger flanges go through a lot during their operation. Fluctuations in temperature and exposure to steam or damp atmospheric conditions can cause heavy corrosion over prolonged periods of time. A flange facing machine can restore your heat exchanger flanges to working condition. When used with one of the portable milling machine tools you can also repair tube plate faces damaged through fouling.

RTJ flange repair

Ring type joints come under intense in pressure especially in hydro processing units where stress corrosion cracking is common. Our kit can restore RTJ flanges where damage has occured although extensive cracking may require replacement.

Casing threading repair 

With a few minor adjustments our flange facing machines can become the ideal tool for casing threading repairs. By adding a threading attached to an externally mounted flange facing machine, we have bene able to restore casing threading back to working condition.

Compact flange machining

When you have a compact flange such as DESFLEX Compact Flanges that requires restoration, our machines are the perfect tool for the job. Despite the small nature of the flanges, our kit adapted using our compact flange attachment which works with the Mirage standard flange facing machine range.

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