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Finding the right flange facing machines for your requirements

With such a wide selection of flange facers within the Mirage Machines range, we can't possibly expect our customers to know them all. As such, we've attempted to simplify the specification and buying process with this article.

What is your required machining range?

To help find the right machine for your requirements we have created this quick reference guide that will help you find the right flange facing machine to suit your project specification. All of the Mirage Machines flange facing range are available with air drive power and most of the range can be used with hydraulic drive power.

The facing range is listed in inches.

Flance Facing Machine Quick Reference Table.

What machine will suit our site which has limited crane access and many confined spaces?

Without knowing the specific details regarding the site we wouldn't not be able to specify a particular model. That said, we would expect an internally mounted (inside diameter) flange facing machine would be most suited. This is because their modular construction makes them suitable to carrying around site without the need for cranes. Additionally, their added versatility makes them ideal for machining in tight spaces.

We require the machining of RTJ flanges. Can we do this?

Yes. In this instance you would require the RTJ measuring kit as well as the flange facing machine. This accessory is compatible with the MM300e, MM600e external mount machines and MM860i, MM1000i and MM1500i internal mount machines. It has a RTJ precision dial indicator for groove measurement and can be used to measure with the machine in place.

We require the machining of compact flanges. Can we do this?

Yes. With our unique attachment designed specifically for the machining of compact flanges you can repair damaged compact flanges. This machine attachment has been designed to be quick to setup and offers the precision needed for machining of all the required angles. 

The compact flange machining attachment is currently available for the Mirage MM300e, MM600e, MM860i and MM1000i.

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