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FAQs: Buying a flange facing machine

Our sales team are regularly asked the same questions from customers looking to buy a flange facing machine and we thought it best to address some of the frequently asked questions in a blog post. Read on to learn more about the process of buying a flange facing machine.

How do you make sure my flange facing machine is not damaged during transit?

Our experience of shipping portable machine tools around the world means we are experts in packaging our machines safely. Our packaging materials conform to international standards and provide the protection required to keep your flange facing machine safe during transit.

Machines may be despatched in:

-              purpose built plywood boxes

-              purpose built steel framed, plywood clad, boxes

-              purpose built packing cases

-              alternative boxes, built to customer specification

                (to be agreed prior to placement of order)

All wood used in the construction of boxes, packing pieces, etc will be compliant with:

ISPM15  - International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures

(Published by the IPPC - International Plant Protection Convention)

Note that plywood is exempt from measures required by ISPM15 by the nature of its manufacture (by heat processing)

Do you ship internationally and what are you standard shipping arrangements?

Mirage Machines will ship all of our products internationally regardless of shape or size.

Machines will be dispatched by road, air or sea as agreed with the customer prior to placement of Order.  Alternatively, customers may make their own shipping arrangements and collect from our factory.

When arranging their own shipping arrangements, customers must ensure care is taken during all shipping / transport processes to ensure that the method chosen is capable of handling the equipment:

- without incurring any damage to the boxes/cases/contents

- safely, without risk of injury to any person involved.

Are there any special handling requirements for Mirage flange facing machines?

Customers, users and operators of the machines must be aware of the nature of the equipment supplied.

Although inherently robust, the flange facing machines are precision tools and may be damaged by poor handling, tipping and falling, inadequate transport arrangements over eg rough terrain, misuse by operators and use outside their design specification.

Such poor handling may result in either broken or damaged parts or disturbance to fine settings resulting in an inability to meet the specified machining tolerances and capabilities.

Do portable machine tool operators require any special training?

This will vary depending on the model of flange facing machine being purchased. However, as a minimum standard we recommend that operators of flange facing machines be :-

  • Trained and conversant with the general use of portable machine tools
  • Able to identify the correct and incorrect use of static or portable machines
  • Complies with all local and internationally recognised safe use of powered machines

For some of the specialist flange facing machines, such as the MM3000i, we recommend that training be undertaken with a specialist Mirage Machines engineer. We offer a range of training services for engineers requiring portable machine tool and on-site machining training.

Does each flange facing machine come with set-up and installation guidance?

Yes. All portable machine tools sold by Mirage Machines, including our full range of flange facing machines, are shipping with an operators manual that includes detailed instructions on the installation, set-up, operation and maintenance of the machine in question.

Download the Flange Facing Machine Buyers Guide

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