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Essential machines and accessories needed for a hot tapping project


If you’re an engineer working in the oil and gas industry, no doubt you've heard about the hot tapping process. But have you ever wondered exactly what machines are needed and how they would be used?  We’ve put together an example project below, to give you an insight into which machines and accessories needed.

Example Hot Tapping Project

Let’s say our customer needed to add a branch to a live pipeline without any disruption to the flow of product.

Example Pipeline Specification

  • Purpose: Used for transporting natural gas
  • Flow pressure: 340psi.
  • Pipe internal diameter: 24”
  • Pipe material: Carbon steel
  • Wall thickness: ¼”


The Solution

Our recommendation would be to use the Mirage MHT12-36” Hot Tapping Machine, as this has the capacity to make the 24” cut. The machine’s features include a single speed fixed feed gearbox, a measuring rod and a helical geared drive which can be powered either hydraulically or pneumatically. For a project of this type and if requested, Mirage would also be happy to provide extra support by sending one or more engineers to help with set up and to instruct others in operation of the machines.

Achieving the required cutting performance

  • The hot tapping machine would be powered using a Hydraulic supply at 100 bar (1450 psi) delivering 15 litres per minute (13 gpm). It would be set up to operate at around 22rpm with an automatic feed rate of 0.003” per revolution.
  • The correct Mirage cutter to use for this project would be the LSC24

Also needed for the project would be the hydraulically actuated Mirage LSA 22-34” Line Stopping Machine, capable of use at a 1480 psi working pressure at 392 degrees F and featuring direct measurement for accurate depth control. This would be used with the LSH24” Line Stop Housing.


The Mirage LSA Line stopping machine.


Recommended Mirage equipment list for the project


Product History

For many years, Mirage has manufactured its CHT high pressure hot tapping machines, but more recently the MHT range of machines was developed to provide a hot tapping solution for lower pressure applications.

 The MHT range was developed in-house following an in-depth study of machines widely available in the marketplace. The Mirage team made improvements on competing machines, with one example being the positioning of the gearbox drive unit closer to the cutter to improve efficiency. The range can also be used with adaptors to accommodate cutters used with machines from other manufacturers.

Since launch, demand for the MHT range has been strong, with Mirage supplying many machines to many customers throughout Asia, the US and Europe.

If you’re planning a hot tapping project download he Hot Tapping & Line Stopping Machine Buyers Guide today.

Download The Hot Tapping and Line Stopping Buyers Guide

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